An Overview of the Course

About this course

Our professional course on Hypnotherapy for mind, body and spirit assumes some knowledge of the hypnosis process and should be considered an add-on course to an existing qualification. Note that it can be studied at the same time as a hypnotherapy professional course.

The term mind, body and spirit are widely used, but what does it really mean? Simply, it symbolizes the internal aspects of self. The physical body was once considered separate from the mind however, we know that the mind and body are interconnected and how we think, and the emotions experienced will impact physical health and well being. In addition, when we experience pain or generally feel unwell, it affects thought processes and emotional health. Therefore, it is important to create balance in life.

Many people feel disconnected in life. They may feel out of sorts on a day-to-day basis, life is difficult or in turmoil. You may hear people say they are struggling to make decisions or feel that their emotions are stuck in a negative cycle. When life becomes unmanageable, overwhelming, or stressful, it is so important that holistic measures are considered as a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and vice versa.

This course is all about bringing back the connection to the Mind, Body & Spirit through balance.

What You'll Learn:

Be able to practice professionally as a Hypnotherapist

Understand About Hypnosis & Mind, Body & Spirit

Learn about the Reality of Disharmony

Learn about Breathing Techniques & Hypnosis

Do Case Studies & Self Assessments To Check Learning

Experience a Hypnosis Track For Balance & Connect The Mind, Body & Spirit

Have a Transcription of the Hypnosis Track For Balance & Connect The Mind, Body & Spirit

Understand Deepeners & Scripts

Join The Accreditation - CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association & IHTCP - International Holistic Therapists & Course Providers

And Much More!

Study in Confidence

Bestselling Instructor with over 250,000 students studying more than 150 courses in over 200 countries!

Dr Karen E Wells has been working with clients & students since 2000 and has successfully helped thousands of clients overcome their issues in life and students to help their clients. It is from that experience that she has created over 150 courses within the Complementary Therapies field. 

Expand Your Skills With Hypnotherapy for Mind, Body & Spirit

This course gave me so much information and techniques on how to enable my clients to balance their Mind, Body & Spirit and how that affects their lives.

Thank you so much, invaluable.

- Takis Dokopoulos, Greece

Fully Accredited

This program is fully accredited by the CTAA, Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

Client's connecting their Mind, Body & Spirit is incredible as that is what we are all looking to do, whether we are aware of this or not!

- Pranav Kumar

Included in this course:

  • 1.5 hrs on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on any device
  • Accredited Certified Diploma

Who This Course is For

  • The great thing is that absolutely no pre-requirements are needed before taking the course, other than an internet connection, a pen & paper for notes as well as a open mind & open heart! 

  • This course is suitable for those who are already experienced in Hypnotherapy and wish to expand their existing skills or for those that want to learn the techniques to help themselves. 

I really enjoyed doing this course, very informative and always having the manual for ongoing reference. 


- Ian Bingham