An Overview of This Course

About this course

This advanced Past Life Regression course is aimed at therapists who are already have a foundation of Past Life Regression as knowledge or therapy. 

It brings together Advanced Healing techniques whilst deeply using Regression to access the depths of the subconscious. 

The course includes video modules and a training manual.

What You'll Learn:

Be A Fully Qualified Advanced Past Life Regression Therapist

Anyone with a foundation in Past Lives as a therapist who wants to expand on their skill base and take the clients even deeper!

Those that want to learn about DNA healing through Regression

PLR Therapists who want to explore the Karmic Wheel

Understand The Atoms & Pineal Gland & Reference That To Deep Healing

Help Clients in Heal Many Different Aspects of Themselves

Those PLR therapists that want to help their clients heal so much more

PLR therapists who want to connect with the Source

PLR therapists who want to heal the Genetic Lines

And Much More!

Study in Confidence

Study In Confidence with Dr Karen E Wells: Bestselling Instructor with over 71,000 Udemy students (over 43,000 students buying additional courses) in 177 countries!

Fully Accredited

This program is fully accredited by the CTAA, Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

This course was absolutely fantastic and it resonated well with my personal belief system that are based on the tenets of Ancient Philosophy. I finished with my Past Life Regression Course and then took this one up and I found that all the concepts of the courses I did earlier logically and smoothly flowed into this one and the Advanced Concepts were solidly built over the foundation of the earlier courses.

- Anand Nagaraj Rangaraj 

Our easy to learn modules include:

Introduction to your Advanced Past Life Regression Diploma

Advanced Past Life Regression Training Manual

Advanced Past Life Regression Techniques & What Makes This Course Different

Connecting with the Source

The Atoms & The Human Pineal Gland

DNA Healing with Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression for Healing The Genetic Lines

Past life Regression for Healing The Karmic Wheel

Link to a Practical Demonstration of a Past Life Regression session using the Advanced techniques (additional 45 minute content)

And much more!


  • The student should already have knowledge & experience of Past Life Regression as this is an Advanced course.

  • Anyone with a foundation in Past Lives as a therapist who wants to expand on their skill base and take the clients even deeper!

Included in this course:

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on any device
  • Certificate of Completion

I am learning a lot of things regarding regression that I didn't know and I am loving it.

- Livia Persad